Life Insurance

Utah Life Insurance


Because life insurance policies are so diverse, no matter what stage of life you are in you can benefit from a life insurance policy. Mr. Insurance agents are extremely knowledgeable about the different types of life insurances that are offered, so we can help you get set up with a policy that will best suit your life needs.

Things to Consider

How many people are financially dependent on you? Knowing this will help you get a Utah life insurance plan that will cover all your needs and expenses.

Understand the two main types of life insurance: Term and permanent. It is very important to know the differences between these two types of insurances and which type you will need. Term life insurance lasts for a specified period of time and pays out a death benefit if you pass away within that time period. On the other hand, permanent life insurance comes in many different forms and has a death benefit as well as the ability to build up cash value over your lifetime. Mr. Insurance agents can help you figure out which one of theses life insurances policies will be best for you.

Know what factors can affect life insurance premiums. There are many different factors that will affect the price of your life insurance policy. Some of these you can control (e.g. smoking, excessive drinking, driving record) but others your cannot (medical conditions like heart disease and cancer). Each of our insurance agents know what will affect your insurance policy and we can educate you on ways you can lower premiums.

Remember, it’s important to review your life insurance policy every year before paying premiums. Several factors may have changed in the year to affect your life insurance policy such as the birth of a child, a divorce, or the death of a spouse. Mr. Insurance has been helping Utah residents with their life insurance for over 20 years. Come in or call us today for any questions you may have, even if your policy is not with us.